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Gold Jewelry We Sell?

Rings, Bracelets, Watches, Bridal Sets, and more! Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

Gold Jewelry

  • GIA Certified
  • EGL Certified
  • AGS Certified
  • IGI Certified
  • CGL Certified

Gold Jewelry

Gold is, and always will be, a classic and popular choice for jewelry. It has been captivating civilizaiton since the dawn of time. Egyptians having been the largest wearers of Gold jewelry in the ancient world.

Did You Know?

In the ancient world, gold was equated to the sun. Therefore, the wearing of gold was reserved exclusively for pharaohs. Most notably – we all know of Ramses II, Xerxes I, and Cleopatra VII. All made even more famous by countless movies over the years.


Pure gold, or 24-karat, in general is too soft for use in most jewelry. Therefore, it is alloyed with other metals to increase its strength.

In the United States, 14-karat gold is the most common jewelry alloy.

Recent guidelines now allow for jewelers to sell gold under 10K. However it is important to note that jewelry under 10K contain very little gold and will not have the longevity, quality, or even value like jewelry over 10K.

When purchasing gold, especially from resellers, always look for a quality mark in the gold jewelry you buy.

They will be stamped or engraved with the karatage of the piece. Gold-plated jewelry is often indicated with a “GP” marking. 

Quality Marks:

10K = 10 karat or 417 = 41.7% Gold

14K = 14 karat or 585 = 58.3% Gold

18K = 18 karat or 750 = 75% Gold

22K = 22 karat or 916 = 91.6% Gold

Most often Gold is found in Yellow. Ranging in brightness based on the alloy mixed. But there is also:

  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
White Gold is a popular choice among many.

As it resembles Platinum. White Gold is created by alloying Gold with nickel or palladium, zinc, and copper. In some instances it is even plated with rhodium. However, any Gold jewelry that has been plated to increase the brightness of it’s white, should be replated over time.

A simple and quick process done at your local jewelry store.

Rose Gold is a like a warm blush color. Often flattering any skin tone or gemstone. It is created by alloying Gold with Copper.

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Platinum Jewelry

  • GIA Certified
  • EGL Certified
  • AGS Certified
  • IGI Certified
  • CGL Certified

Silver Jewelry

  • GIA Certified
  • EGL Certified
  • AGS Certified
  • IGI Certified
  • CGL Certified

Certified Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

We Buy Certified Jewelry

Did you know we also BUY certified jewelry? Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

Popular Gemstones:
CitrineDiamondFancy Color DiamondEmeraldGarnet
GrandidieriteIoliteJadeKunziteLapis Lazuli
Rose QuartzRubySapphireSpinelSunstone

From Necklaces and Chains to Bracelets and Anklets. Class Rings, Bridal Sets, Wedding Bands.

If your jewelry has been certified, we are interested in buying it! Check out our sister company for more information.

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