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California Resident: Do Not Sell My Personal Information

California residents have the right to direct a business that sells personal information about them to third parties not to sell the personal information. This is the right to opt out. You may submit your request to opt out by filling out and submitting the following form, by calling us at (352) 585-9772, by emailing us at, or writing to us at Spring Hill Coin Shop, P.O. Box 3946, Spring Hill, FL, 34611.



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Please include your Street Address, Apt/Suite, City, State, and Zip Code. Any submissions that do not include all of the proper and correct information, will not be honored.
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California Resident: Do Not Sell My Personal Information

We respect the privacy of your personal information. The information you provide here will only be used to process your opt out of sale request. To assure the implementation of your request across all devices associated with your account, you should login to your account with each of your devices.

If you are not logged in or do not provide accurate account details, you should complete an opt out of sale request on each browser or device that you use to access our websites and mobile services.

In addition, if you are not logged into your account while making your request, and you later clear your Spring Hill Coin Shop cookies, your opt out of sale request will need to be resubmitted. Please note that your request will apply to future sales of your personal information and will not impact sales made prior to your request.