War Nickel


These 35% Silver War Nickel Coins have been assessed by Spring Hill Coin Shop as being in Circulated condition. From years of our choice (1942 – 1945).  Coins with a “circulated” designation are considered to be well worn but in overall good condition. The design features of the coin are clear but flat.

They may be lacking details. VG+ coins are considered Very Good, but have fewer abnormalities or wear patterns than a standard VG coin.

35% Silver War Nickel

**Please Note: 35% Silver War Nickel Coins, these products are sold as Dealers Choice.
  • The coins pictured under Dealers Choice are just an example. You will receive coins that are very similar in condition with a grading of “Circulated”.
  • Mint mark(s) and Dates on these coins will be of our choosing and may or may not vary. Factors determined by stock on hand.
Disclaimer: Due to varied selection, it is possible to obtain same year on orders of multiple purchases when ordering 35% Silver War Nickel Coins.
Quantity Shown equates to Face Value (FV).
For Example:
  • Quantity 500 = $25.00 Face Value
  • Quantity 1000 = $50.00 Face Value
  • Quantity 2000 = $100.00 Face Value


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War Nickel

35% Silver War Nickel

Mint Facility:U.S. Mint
Denomination:$0.05 USD
Date/Year:1942 – 1945
Quality / Type:Silver “War Nickel”
Purity:35% Silver, 56% Copper, 9% Manganese
Metal Weight:0.0563 troy ounce
Diameter:21.21 mm
Obverse:Jefferson Head
Reverse:Monticello Estate with Mintmark above
The 35% Silver War Nickel – From Inception to Implementation

During the Second World War, the U.S. removed nickel content from the five-cent Jefferson Nickel coin in order for the nickel metal to be used during the war effort. In fact, nickel proved to be necessary for stainless steel production. And, at the time, nickel was more valuable than Silver.

The U.S. government allowed for up to 50% Silver to be used in the five-cent piece.

However, there was also great concern for counterfeit coins at the time as well. In which vending machines would need to be able to recognize the new coin minus the nickel alloy. Or else machines throughout the country would need to be retrofitted to be able to accept the new coins. Not only through size, but weight as well.

35% Silver War Nickel

Thus, the mint came up with the 56% Copper, 35% Silver, and 9% Manganese compound to make the War Nickel. In which, vending and other coin-operated machines could detect the coin through size, weight, and magnetic property. As well as placed the Mint mark on the reverse of the coin. Above the Monticello Estate. Thomas Jefferson’s famous estate in Virginia.

Did You Know?

In 2000, an article by Mark Benvenuto published in The Numismatist magazine explained that the change in nickel alloy may have saved as much as 827,163 pounds of nickel during the war. But the amount of saving was actually insignificant. What? Yep. Consider this: 300 million pounds of nickel were produced annually during World War II.

The author speculated that the real reason for the change in composition was more probable to boost the morale of American citizens.

How? By showing Americans that the Mint was doing its part in the war effort by doing without nickel. An influential reminder of the sacrifices needed in order for victory.


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