40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars


These 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars have been assessed by Spring Hill Coin Shop as being in Circulated condition and is from years of our choice (1965 – 1970).  Coins with a “circulated” designation are considered to be well worn but in overall good condition. The design features of the coin are clear but flat. They may be lacking details. VG+ coins are considered Very Good, but have fewer abnormalities or wear patterns than a standard VG coin.

**Please Note: 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars, these products are sold as Dealers Choice. Quantity Shown equates to Face Value (FV).
For Example:
  • Quantity 50 = $25.00 Face Value
  • Quantity 100 = $50.00 Face Value
  • Quantity 200 = $100.00 Face Value




  • The coins pictured under Dealers Choice are just an example. You will receive coins that are very similar in condition with a grading of “Circulated“.
  • Mint mark(s) and Dates on these coins will be of our choosing and may or may not vary. Factors determined by stock on hand.
Disclaimer: Due to varied selection, it is possible to obtain same year on orders of multiple purchases when ordering 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars.

Add the 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar to Your Collection or Investment today!

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40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

Mint Facility:U.S. Mint
Denomination:$0.50 USD
Date/Year:1965 – 1970
Quality / Type:Circulated 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar
Purity:40% Silver, 60% Copper
Metal Weight:.1475 troy ounce
Diameter:1.205 inches (30.6 mm)
Obverse:Profile: John F. Kennedy
Reverse:Presidential Seal: Eagle and Shield
Strike Type:Mint State (MS)

40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars Designation:

  • Date, mintmark and lettering should be readable.
  • 65 – 75% of the detail remains.

President Kennedy was assassinated in November of 1963. By January 1964, the Mint began producing the Kennedy Half Dollar. Albeit, originally, the Kennedy Half Dollar Coin was minted in 90% Silver. But these coins never circulated well. For a couple reasons:

  1. Americans hoarded the Kennedy Silver Coins due to Silver content.
  2. Kennedy Half Dollars were seen more as a commemorative coin than a monetary coin.

By 1965, that changed. The Mint stopped using Silver in their coinage of dimes and quarters. Switching to a clad coin. The 90% Silver in the Kennedy Half Dollar decreased to 40% Silver.

40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars are the cheapest option when it comes to investing in Silver. Especially in U.S. Silver Coinage. Often a quicker way for someone to collect or invest in precious metals below the silver spot price. But with that comes limited supply and high demand! So don’t delay – BUY TODAY!

**All Kennedy Half Dollars, unless otherwise noted, are either 90% Silver (1964) or Clad (1971 – Present. With the exception of the Bicentennial Half Dollar which also contains 40% Silver).

1976 Bicentennial Series

In 1975 and 1976, to commemorate the country’s Bicentennial Birthday, the U.S. Mint released 40% Silver variations of the Washington Quarter, Kennedy Half Dollar, and Eisenhower Dollar. Three separate artists were chosen. One for each coin. The artist for the Kennedy Half Dollar (reverse) was Seth G. Huntington.

In Huntington’s Hometown of Minneapolis, a ceremony was held to celebrate the first Bicentennial Coin to be issued. The Kennedy Half Dollar. The obverse of the coin is the same as it’s original counterparts from 1964 – 1970. The profile portrait of the 35th President of the United States: John F. Kennedy.

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