Coin Shop Owner and Precious Metals Dealer Videos

We recently started taking our own YouTube channel more seriously. We’ve been uploading multiple times a week and fielding questions from our viewers.

Below you will find a list of our latest YouTube videos shot in our coin shop, to stay most up to date please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Our videos talk about various topics including: junk silver, coin shop etiquette, scrap gold process, and more.

Florida Coin Shop & Gold Dealer Goes Over Silver, Gold & Platinum Premiums | #Trending Happy Trading

Silver Dealer Talks About SILVER SHORTAGE with REAL NUMBERS

Silver & Gold Dealer Talks About Silver & Gold Stacking, Storage, & Security

Gold Dealer Talks About New Gold Rounds That Came Into The Shop

Silver and Gold Dealer Talks About Cash

Silver Dealer Replies To Silver Shortage Questions

Silver Dealer Talks About Silver Shortage?! 

Bail Outs, Bail Ins, and Gold

Silver and Gold Dealer Makes Recommendations

Gold Dealer At Coin Shop Talks About Scrap Gold

Silver and Gold Dealer Talks About Current Prices and Premiums

Coin Shop Owner Talks About Current Inventory

Coin Shop Owner Talks About Gloves and Coin Shop Etiquette

Gold Dealer Gives His Thoughts On The Current State Of Gold and Silver

Pokémon PSA Unboxing By Coin Shop and Silver Dealer

Gold Dealer Talks About Pre 1933 Gold

Coin Shop And Bullion Dealer Unboxes Large Shipment

Gold Dealer Gives His Thoughts On Stacking Gold

Coin and Silver Dealer Talks About Collectible Silver

Gold Dealer Unboxes New Gold Coins

Be Careful Of Fake and Counterfeit Coins Out There

Bullion Dealer Gets More Inventory

Silver Dealer Talks About The Differences Between Silver Round and Silver Bars

Coin Shop Owner Gives His Thoughts On JUNK SILVER

Mystery Unboxing

Large SILVER Unboxing

Diamond Unboxing

Coin Dealer and Gold Dealer Unboxing

4 February Unboxing

2 February Unboxing